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Many play a countdown scenario.  This timer reflects the movie scene and the countdown to when the "Deathstar has cleared the planet."

Mos Eisley Cantina Distillery Bar Top

Replacement Elevator for Sandcrawler

Replacement Ladder for Sandcrawler

Laser Tower Dice tower

The Ultimate Trench Run Game Board. 

This is a 3D game board to play the ever-popular Trench Run Scenario X-Wing Miniatures. 

It is  modular for compact storage (tote not included), and expandability.   

We offer a beginner size of 30" x 35" and the most commonly used play size of 48" x 50." 

The larger is 48" x 50" (shown above), includes:

7 trench tiles (including 1 exhaust portal tile), 15 trench wall segments, 49 surface tiles, 

56 support pegs, 18 turrets, 4 power nodes.

This board has more than 600 strong earth magnets for a stable and reliable board.

Replacement Battery Door for Sandcrawler

Star Wars Models and Replacement Parts

Shield Generator

Replacement Radio Control Cover for Sandcrawler